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Have you ever dreamt to ride a Harley-Davidson? Our tours are gonna please you!

Let us guide you

Ride a Harley for a day or a half-day baptism

Drive at your own pace, by yourself or in duo

Offer a memorable gift

Discover stunning places and landscapes

Taste the pleasure to ride on initineraries that suit you

Small group trips

Full-of-charm visits

Just let go 🙂

Ride an Harley Davidson

Realize your dream with or without a license

Without license

You do not have the license and dream to ride an Harley ! You will ride behind our guide to enjoy this unique experience and discover the region. Half day or full day packages.

With License

You have the license, we have the Harley. Day or half day driving in small group accompanied to discover the most beautiful routes of French Riviera backyard.

We accompany you

Let yourself be guided and discover the most beautiful routes and landscapes of the French Riviera backyard! We will accompany you during small group tours to discover our region between Vercors and Southern Alps. Do not waste time on traffic jams and too small, too busy, dangerous or uninteresting roads. Follow our guide for a 100% pleasure tour !

Adapted circuits

Riding at a peaceful pace, suitable for all drivers. Every day, we offer different and varied itineraries, on a loop, about 200 km for the day and 80 km half-day with breaks to enjoy the scenery, visit and take pictures. Our Harley are comfortable safe well equipped and adapted for you, alone or with a passenger.


Licensed packages including Harley rental, insurance and gas or license-free packages including your driver and the bike. One day, 1/2 day or over several days with your guide. In a friendly atmosphere with morning coffee and an aperitif at the end of the tour. We will also be able to provide you the helmet, the gloves, the jacket (included in the formulas without license).

Without the driving licence

For those who do not have the motorcycle license, we offer a ride in a passenger formula with a guide on a superb Harley-Davidson. Our bikes are very comfortable well equipped with a large saddleand with his Sissy bar and 2 large bags for your belongings. A formula that will allow you to experience the world of Harley-Davidson and beautiful roads safely at a peaceful pace. You will ride on a Road King or Street Glide, the best Harley the best sound and an incomparable look. All inclusive package, motorcycle and driver guide, helmet, jacket, gloves, insurance, gas, morning coffee and glass of friendship. A peaceful tour, including a visit to some of the most beautiful villages in France alternating breaks to enjoy the scenery, eat or drink and make beautiful photos.

Passenger day tour

One day tour package as a passenger : an exceptional route selected for you : approximately 200 km for an 8 hour ride, including a 4 hours drive from Opio, your guide and his Harley. Lunch price not included, about 15 to 20 euros according to your appetite.

Passenger day tour = 295 €

Passenger half day tour

Half-day tour package as a passenger : a beautiful route selected for you : 80 km for a 2/3 hours ride from Opio. Including your driver, and the Harley.

Passenger half-day tour = 195 €

With the driving licence

Drive one of the most beautiful Harley-Davidson. The Road King is handy, suitable for all jigs with a low center of gravity, easy to ride. Alone or with a passenge (extra charge), enjoy its comfort, a real source of pleasure. Formula that includes the rental of the bike, insurance, gas, morning coffee friendship end day drinks and of course your guide on his own Harley ! Friendly outing at a peaceful pace, 100% pleasure to discover exceptional routes, chosen for you. A loop from the village of Opio alternate breaks to enjoy the scenery, restore and make beautiful photos. You must have a license for big cylinders for more than 2 years.

Full day driving tour

Including bike rental, insurance, gas and your guide on his own Harley. Discover exceptional routes selected for you : 200 km for an 8 hours ride including 4 hours of driving. Lunch price not included, about 15 to 20 euros according to your appetite.

One day of happiness, driving the Harley = 290€

Half-day driving tour

Including bike rental, insurance, gas and your guide on his own Harley. Discover superb routes selected for you from 80 km for an unforgettable ride of 2 to 3 hours,

Half a day of happiness, driving an Harley = 190€